Gloria Gene Art

 After a near death experience I awoke to see things differently.... After a lengthy recovery the magic happened.

I was taken to a Park West Gallery VIP event where I met Itzchak Tarkay. His artwork awoke new sensations withine me. The jewel tone colors and mysterious women lifted my spirits.

 His passing saddened me and I had the strong desire to paint him. Not knowing how to paint , I took a giant leap of faith and wondered how I would have the nerve to paint the maestro. My career as an artist started with that painting. I concider myself jokingly as the artist Park West Gallery created and when they rejected my application I became more determined to produce more fine art and prove myself .

 My story is one of survival and transformation.

 My story is the story of determination and hard work. 

 My story is the Power of Prayer and God.           


My canvas is textured and sometimes distressed before my I start to paint. We all have scars emotional and or physical. And yet, we are just as we should be perfectly human. There  is beauty in the flaws and in the scars if we look we can see beauty everywhere. This is what I try to express in my work.

I no longer see a blue sky or a green tree. I see a blue purple pink yellow sky with white and gray and clouds that dance about. 

The trees are green and blue, purple & yellow with red and they sway and sing in the wind.

I have to capture my feelings and textures on canvas.

I did not choose art ,art choose me. 

There is a peace and completeness that I feel when I paint, painting has helped me heal.

I work from my imagination or  a photo  and change colors and shapes to fit my mood.

The work, my art, takes a life of its own and I just follow the brush or what ever I have handy a pallet knife chopsticks or my hands  and smile. 

Painting balances me and brings quietness to my sometimes very hectic life. It energizes and heals my soul. 

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it. 

Smiling is contagious so spread it around the world.

Photography by Steve Cranston  Aditional Photography by Amy Alonzo The Box Studio